Every month we highlight a different Art Center East volunteer! Our volunteers are amazing and so generous with their time.

Our first Volunteer Spotlight of 2022 shines its light on the ACE Board of Directors! This group of dedicated community members works to further ACE's mission by volunteering, acting as docents, sharing their passion for the arts with the wider community, and so much more! All of us on the ACE Team are so grateful to them!

    The December Volunteer Spotlight features Bob & Carol Messinger. Carol and Bob Messinger are some of our most dedicated volunteers! Carol comes in every week (sometimes more than once!) to docent for ACE. Bob and Carol are always willing to lend a helping hand with a challenging project, moving equipment, organizing, building, and so much more. As a team, they have put in over 2000 volunteer hours since 2016. We are so thankful for them!

    This month's volunteer spotlight goes out to Bill Harmon. You may have seen Bill out and about walking around town. On his walks, he often helps ACE out by distributing posters for our upcoming events! Thank you for all that you do for ACE, Bill!

Community Ensembles

October's Volunteer Spotlight features Moira Madden! Moira is at ACE at least two days a week, and usually more! She is a true Jane of all trades - we haven't found a job she can't do wonderfully. Moira lights up the room the moment she walks in, brightening everyone's day. We are so grateful for her!

Community Ensembles

Nancy Knowles is the ACE Board of Directors president, a writer, EOU professor, and more! She is at the art center almost daily, volunteering her time and energy with a smile on her face. As a beautiful part of what brings ACE to life - her generosity of heart is inspiring. Next time you see Nancy, please let her know how much the community appreciates her! 

Community Ensembles

Denise is an incredibly talented artist who does so much for ACE! In addition to teaching classes, Denise comes in just about every week to help in any way she can. She is a wonderful docent and we are so grateful for her!