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    ACE Members
    $20 (4'x4' space) | $35 (8'x4' space)

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    $30 (4'x4' space) | $55 (8'x4' space)

    -I understand that despite the safety procedures put in place by ACE and the State of Oregon, there is still a chance of contracting COVID-19 while vending at an indoor market. I have assessed my personal risk level and feel comfortable with participating.

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    -I understand that in order to participate as a Handmade Holidays Vendor I will need to comply with all of ACE's COVID-19 procedures and policies, including wearing a mask or face shield at all times.

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    -I understand that if Handmade Holidays is cancelled on or before November 12, 2020 I will receive a full refund of my booth fee. If Handmade Holidays is cancelled after the event has started, I will not receive a refund.

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    I will be redirected to our Paypal site to make your payment after clicking Submit below. I MUST MANUALLY ENTER THE ENTRY FEE AMOUNT INTO PAYPAL to pay after deciding which price listed above fits your needs. Payment is due upon screening submission or my application will not be considered. If I am not accepted, the entry fee is returned.

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