The Big Read

The Big Read is coming to Union County in 2018! In conjunction with Fishtrap and other key community partners, Art Center East will host Big Read events right here in La Grande this coming March. The Big Read is a nationwide program initiated by the National Endowment for the Arts in which communities organize and host a variety of enriching events around a featured book. Big Read events are designed to inspire conversation and discovery through the joy of sharing a good book.

The Evolution of Art Center East

In a recent My Voice column, columnist Mary McCracken made note of several art and cultural organizations in La Grande that function without support from the City or County, and that it’s a shame to let these resources flounder when they have the potential to increase the value of our community on multiple levels. We couldn’t agree more and would like to add another organization to her list: Art Center East!

Who is an Artist?

When you hear the word art, you might think of a painting hung in a gold frame, a sculpture on a pedestal, the echoing halls of a museum. We tend to lump art with high culture – galleries, museums, ornate theaters and towering concert halls. While these places help us to celebrate and preserve art, they’re not the whole story.
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The Art of Community By Sarah West, ACE staff member   Welcome to our new column! Art Center East is a non-profit supporting the arts, culture and heritage of the Grande Ronde Valley and beyond, and we’ll be exploring these topics right here, once a month.
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