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Connecting Union County with community based arts classes is part of the mission of Art Center East. We believe that community-based arts education can have a significant and positive impact on participants–both children and adults–and on overall community development. Our classes are offered year round at Art Center East located at 1006 Penn Avenue in La Grande, and include a wide array of arts classes from watercolor workshops to digital media expression.

Download our ACE 2018 Spring/Summer Class Schedule or stop by Art Center East at 1006 Penn Ave. in La Grande to pick up a hard copy. Questions about classes? Please call us at 541-624-2800.

Our Wellness: Mind & Body Program at Art Center East is offered through various collaborations with local groups such as LivFit, LLC, and the Grande Ronde Yoga Collective. LivFit, LLC has been providing movement classes at Art Center East for the last 5 years. She offers classes for every skill level for everyBODY. Her offerings include: Yoga Refresh, Toddler Time, Zumba, Barre-Lattes, Zumba Gold, Yopi, Barre-HITTE, and Pilates Refresh. Their schedule is on our calendar page. Please visit their website for more information.

The Grande Ronde Yoga Collective is a group of yoga practitioners in La Grande. Their goal is to provide a variety of classes led by highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors. They offer weekly classes at Art Center East, as well as in other locations in La Grande. Their schedule is on our calendar. please visit their website for a complete listing.

We are partners with various groups who offer a variety of Culture & Heritage classes and workshops, including: Traditional Live! (formerly the Northeast Oregon Folklore Society), Cuban Salsa, Argentine Tango, and Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra. Our Culture & Heritage programs are offered on a daily or weekly basis.