The arts encompass human expression, personal and community relationships, love of life, and infinitely more. These themes are a passion for many people who appreciate the arts and who may even create art themselves.


Are there people in your life who have influenced you in your own appreciation of the arts? One of the most impactful ways to honor these special people is by donating to Art Center East in their name. Help continue their legacy of arts appreciation by bringing the arts to the wider community with ACE.


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In Memory & Honor

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We have put together several options for donations to make it easier for you to give. Just choose the one that is easiest for you.

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No donation is too small! Just pay attention to make sure the amount you want to spend is not too small or too large for your form of payment.

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Put "In Honor of [first & last name]" or "In Memory of [first & last name] in the subject/memo field of your donation. We want to guarantee that your funds are processed correctly.

E-mail [email protected]


We want to know your story and why you are making this donation. Share with us some more information about the person in whose name you are donating. E-mail [email protected]

Donate by Check:  PO Box 541 La Grande, OR 97850

Donate by Credit Card:  (541)-624-2800

Donate in  Person:   1006 Penn Ave. La Grande, OR 97850