Exhibit Refresments Reimagined

Jameson and Pearl partner with Art Center East!

Community Ensembles

We are partnering with local small business, Jameson and Pearl, to bring a fresh new take on exhibit reception refreshments!


Jameson and Pearl, owned by KayLynne Todd of La Grande, offers charcuterie, cheese, and breakfast boards. Each of their boards is created with specialty meats and cheeses, bread and crackers, fresh produce, and nuts. These boards are the perfect way to think outside the box when it comes to appetizers! 


Pre-order and purchase your refreshments online before 5:00 pm on an exhibit opening reception date. Find the pre-order form below. Each exhibit opening reception will have this option; watch for updated dates below.


We invite you to attend the reception and converse with visiting artists. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and view outstanding works of art. Once you are ready to depart, collect your board in front of the Gift Gallery from an ACE Staff member and take your refreshments to enjoy as you like.


KayLynne has designed boards specifically for Art Center East -- inspired by the artworks on display-- that are only available in conjunction with ACE opening receptions. 

Get ready for some very special treats!


Pre-order below

There is a limited number of Art Center East specialty boards available.

Enjoy the Art

Come and enjoy the opening receptions for “Strange Days” by Bob Dodson and the “Canoy Benefit Exhibit” on Friday, July 9th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

Pick it up

After viewing the exhibits at your leisure, pick up your Jameson and Pearl board in front of the Gift Gallery from ACE Staff and enjoy!

Community Ensembles