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EXPERIENCE FEE: A standard one-week residency consisting of 20 on-site classroom hours costs $1050. If your school is unable to keep the residency under 20 classroom hours, an additional fee of $40/hour will be invoiced. Please keep in mind that any additional service outside the classroom (school-wide assemblies, community performances, teacher training, and special projects) must either be scheduled in your 20 hours or your school must arrange for additional hours beforehand and notify Art Center East.

TEACHING ARTIST TRAVEL: In addition to the residency fee, schools are asked to reimburse the visiting teaching artist for one round-trip travel from the teaching artist's residence. Mileage is calculated by determining distance via Google Maps and the current mileage reimbursement set forth by the IRS and is subject to change.

ART SUPPLIES: Some of our teaching artists are able to provide supplies for your students, but most residencies require your school to purchase supplies in addition to supplies your classrooms may already have. Teaching artists are frequently able to purchase supplies at a discount - please be sure to ask as you plan your residency with your teaching artist.

LODGING: Schools are asked to find lodging accommodations for out-of-town teaching artists. However, schools are not required to provide hotel/motel accommodations, but some hotels/motels can provide lodging as an in-kind donation to the school. Typically, schools arrange for a community member to host a teaching artist throughout the duration of the residency. We respectfully request that teaching artists receive a private room.

AiRS Study with the Oregon Community Foundation (page 18)

Community Ensembles


    • Abigail Merickel

      Abigail earned an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy and has been actively involved in the art world as an award-winning painter, printmaker and arts educator for over 20 years.
    • Albert Altar
      • AGES K-12 / Adult
      • FOCUS Mime / Clown
      • LOCATION Portland
      • CATEGORY

      Albert has toured internationally performing and teaching mime, physical comedy and clown in the United States, Canada and Japan.
    • Anne Osterlund

      I am an author, an educator, and a presenter. I grew up on a wheat ranch in the sunshine of Eastern Oregon and have always felt that the students of Eastern Oregon deserve the same opportunity for inspiration, imagination, and advanced academics as students throughout the state and the country.
    • Annie Heron

      I have been working as a potter for over twenty years, and have taught art to all ages, from pre-school through retirees.
    • Bill Lewis
      • AGES K-12 / Adult
      • FOCUS Drawing / Watercolor / Collage
      • LOCATION Bend
      • CATEGORY

      Bill has been a professional artist for over 30 years, with primary mediums in pencil drawing,ink, watercolor, stained glass, clay and oils.
    • Carol Lindsay
      • AGES K-12 / Adult / Special Populations
      • FOCUS Rhythmquest: Dance & Music
      • LOCATION Hood River
      • CATEGORY ,

      Carol has enjoyed sharing Rhythm-Quest teaching and residencies for students of all ages since 1995.
    • Carol Newman
      • AGES K-12 / Adult
      • FOCUS International Folk Dance / Cultural Diversity
      • LOCATION Astoria
      • CATEGORY

      I have traveled, studied and performed international folk dance in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas, learning about people of diverse cultures and their most vital concerns.
    • Carol Poppenga

      Carol created her first wall art when she was in pre-school. Her mother allowed her to continue adding marks to her “masterpiece” as long as she contained the work within the generous area her mother had taped off.
    • June Reynolds
      • AGES Grades 4-12 / Adult
      • FOCUS Creative Writing / Historical Writing
      • LOCATION Sherwood
      • CATEGORY

      I started writing for newspapers as a teenager. Writing is a journey and I intend on taking my students on that journey.
    • Kay Braden
      • AGES K-12 / Adult
      • FOCUS Creative Movement
      • LOCATION Ontario
      • CATEGORY

      I am always fascinated with the possibilities in movement and the individual uniqueness of the moving body. I am drawn to the expressive potential inherent in motion.
    • Kelly Thibodeaux

      Kelly Thibodeaux is a professional fiddler from Louisiana with over 35 years of playing experience.
    • Linda Davies-Gage
      • AGES K-12 / Adult
      • FOCUS Design / Drawing / Painting
      • LOCATION Jordan Valley
      • CATEGORY

      Linda teaches a combination of art appreciation/art history; color theory and color missing; use and psychology of design elements in composition; understanding/using perspective; drawing and painting tools/techniques; art marketing and simplified sign lettering.
    • Lonnie Shurtleff

      Lonnie grew up in the Owyhee Desert running wild horses and in Eastern Oregon’s Blue Mountains running cattle.
    • Nancy Attebury

      I began writing creatively when I was in grade school. I now have a Master of Arts degree in Children’s Literature and have 16 published books, including ‘Twas the Night Before Round-Up and Out and About at the United States Mint.
    • Nancy Coffelt
      • AGES K-12 / Adult
      • FOCUS Illustrated Story
      • LOCATION Baker City
      • CATEGORY

      I began as a fine artist (still am) and fell in love with the picture-book genre in the late 1980s. I continue to love picture-books but also write nonfiction, comics, YA novels and middle grade novels.
    • Patricia Sandlin
      • AGES K-12
      • FOCUS Dance & Movement
      • LOCATION La Grande
      • CATEGORY

      Patricia has a background of working with dance teams and is currently the Eastern Oregon University dance team adviser.
    • Paul Hoelscher

      Paul is having experiences now as a professional and teaching artist that are more inspiring than he had ever considered. He has been able to share art-making with preschoolers and retirees and many ages in between and with very different experience levels.
    • Sarah Cohen
      • AGES Grades: 2-7 / Adult
      • FOCUS Poetry
      • LOCATION Milton-Freewater / Shoreline, WA
      • CATEGORY

      Sarah grew up on the East Coast, near Boston, and always wanted to be a writer. Some of her favorite childhood memories are of being in my basement with her best friend assigning each other topics to write poems about.
    • Victoria Snow Mountain

      Victoria Snow Mountain is the Director of Ballet Folklórico Ritmo Alegre, a Mexican folk dance troupe located in the Medford area of Southern Oregon.
    • William Walther

      William Walther has been a professional artist for more than 30 plus years. He has developed special techniques using Styrofoam and paper mache’, enhancing the ability of every child to be successful.