Private Instruction

Can’t fit a class into your schedule? Interested in a specific medium or subject not currently offered? Want to gather a group of friends or family to take a class together? Our private instruction options might be a good fit! The pricing structure is easy to scale up or down and gives you the flexibility to schedule the classes you’d like to take, when you have time for them.

Private instruction can come in many forms: weekly lessons with an instructor to work on a specific project or skill, an introductory lesson in a medium you’ve been wanting to try, a wedding shower or family reunion activity, a team-building retreat, or a birthday party, to name a few!

Mediums currently available for 2-hour private instruction

Painting (Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil) - Get help with a paint- ing you’re working on, focus on a specific skill or style you’d like to master, or just get an overview of what a specific medium is all about. We can make this party-style by adding a couple bottles of wine and turning it into a private Lush Canvas!

Acrylic Pour - Explore the fun medium of acrylic pour. Great for groups and the “but I’m not arty” crowd!

Drawing - Learning this foundational skill can be harder than it seems - get help if you get stuck, or start off on the right foot with an introductory class.

Collage - Combine drawing, painting, and other mixed media like photos to create unique composition that tells a story, celebrates something or someone important to you, or lets your inner artist run free! Great for groups.

Fused Glass - Create fused glass pendants, plates, and more! Great for groups.

Mosaic Glass - Design, construct, and finish small mosaic glass compositions for your home or garden. Great for groups.

Ceramics - Work on the wheel, learn a hand-building skill, or practice your glazing! Finishing a glazed piece will require a minimum of 2 sessions.

Culinary Arts - We can come to your kitchen or you can come to ours! Learn skills like baking (artisan bread or pastry), globally-inspired and/or seasonal cooking, food preservation, and more. Great for groups.

Kid’s Art (ages 3+) - We have a super-fun kid’s studio brimming with opportunity - from free-form open studio time to projects that emphasize creativity and self-expression.

Advanced Beading - The quickest way to take your beading to the next level! Work with a professional to hone in on the skills you'd most like to advance. 

Wool Spinning - Learn from a local master! Spinning wheel not required for lessons, but necessary to practice at home. 


Not sure if we offer what you’re looking for?

Let us know your interest and we’ll see if we can match you with a qualified instructor.

Call 541-624-2800 or email [email protected]



1-hour Introductory Lesson / Consultation - for individual private instruction only: $33

2-hour Individual Lesson or Group Class*: $60 Members / $70 Non-members
Add additional people to a 2-hour class, up to a total of five: $30 Members / $35 Non-members, per person

*Additional supply fees may apply - estimates will be provided at time of booking.

Inquire further for specific offerings and supply pricing details. Call 541-624-2800 or email [email protected].

Lower the price by signing up together! Private instruction gets more affordable - and more fun - the larger your group, up to a limit of five participants for example, (larger groups are possible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis). If you register two people for two hours of private instruction, the total price would be $90 for members / $105 for non-members, making it $45 / $52.50 per person. If five people register for a private 2-hour class, that brings the per-person total down to $36 / $42 each (supplies may add additional costs). We are happy to process a single payment or separate payments at the time of booking, whichever is easiest for your group.