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Fees: Payment plans and longer sessions are available – please contact Art Center East for more information.

$20 per 30 minutes of instruction.
$28 per 45 minutes of instruction.
$35 per one hour of instruction.

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Voice lessons – Jan MillerPiano lessons – Jan MillerVoice lessons – Studio Della Bella VocePiano lessons – Dr. Mio Aoike

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LIABILITY RELEASE – In consideration of accepting the above named participant in our program, the undersigned individual, parent or guardian hereby agrees to indemnify and keep harmless, Art Center East and Eastern Oregon University and their employees against any all liability claims, judgments, or damage arising as a result of participation in our program, or as a result of any course of instruction or supervision given the participant those entities listed above. Furthermore, said entities are not responsible for the supervision of participant either before or after regularly scheduled class time.