Albert Altar

Albert has toured internationally performing and teaching mime, physical comedy and clown in the United States, Canada and Japan. He toured with Ringling Bros.& Barnum and Bailey Circus as a clown and was the co-founder of Portland Mime Theater. He enjoys working with students of all ages and has vast experience in the classroom. All his residencies can be tailored to grades K-12. Each residency is tailored to the school’s specific needs, desires and goals.

Residency Objectives:
Albert helps residency participants learn about the art form, its history, its role in our culture, and how we use it in our daily lives. He especially wants students to learn the skills and art form so they can incorporate those skills into performances.

Staff and Community Offerings:
Albert is available to do community demonstrations, workshops, performances and teacher trainings.

Facilities and Supplies:
Open space without furniture is essential.

Material Costs:
There will be additional costs if the school wants students to wear make-up. Mask residency: $0.75-$3.00. Rental fee for juggling: $6.00.

Connection to other Subjects:
Physical Education, Science, ESL, Reading and Writing.

Christine Caton, Young Audiences: 503-225-5900 Angel Ocasico, Vancouver SD: 350-260-3557.

  • CLIENT K-12 / Adult
  • WE DID Mime / Clown
  • PARTNERS Portland
  • TAGS