Annie Heron

I have been working as a potter for over twenty years, and have taught art to all ages, from pre-school through retirees. It is a delight to me to be able to share with my students the journey of creating, and the joy of bringing into reality their own particular and unique artistic vision. My inspiration comes from nature, from story and song, and from a delight in the world of the senses. I have worked extensively in the schools as a classroom teacher, and am particularly interested in integrating the arts with other classroom learning.

Residency Objectives:
Two residencies are offered. Either of these residencies can be tailored to the skill levels of the particular age group.

Clay Explorations: Students learn the basics of working with clay, including an introduction to pinch, slab and coil methods of construction, creating both functional and sculptural pieces. Students also learn simple glazing techniques and are introduced to the firing of clay. Two weeks are recommended for this, as clay needs time to dry. If  a school only contracts for one week, they will need to be ready to do some of the firing.

Creating Public Art: Students will work together on a theme and design, create clay tiles to be used in the final piece and assemble them into a mosaic. Depending on age, students would be involved in the setting and grouting of their work. Installation will be done by the artist in collaboration with school facilities personnel. This option requires a minimum of two weeks, and a commitment of volunteer time in order to be successful.

Staff and Community Offerings:
Ann can offer workshops to teachers, parents and volunteers workshops to cover a variety of needs such as: ways to encourage creativity and self-expression in the students, ways to organize the classroom for working with clay and basics of clay making and firing. For Public Art projects, community volunteers and school staff can make tiles to be included.

Cost Per Child:
$3 to $5 per child, per project.

Facilities and Supplies:
In general, a working kiln is needed, and a warm room where projects can dry undisturbed. A 10’ to 12’ square of Masonite or hard board or canvas-covered plywood, tools for working on the clay, 1 to 2 lbs. of clay per student and glazes can be supplied by the school, brought by the artist, or ordered and delivered. Specifics can be discussed with Ann at the time of residency planning.