Carol Newman

Carol has a Bachelor of Science in Child Development & Family Studies. “I have traveled, studied and performed international folk dance in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas, learning about people of diverse cultures and their most vital concerns: relationships, rites of passage, religion, nature, work, food, and shelter. I have extensive training in dance of all kinds since the age of five. Since 1965, I have taught folk dance to all ages; she has been an artist-in-residence since 1981. I use movement, music, storytelling and humor to excite imagination and curiosity, to plant seeds of tolerance, and to stimulate awareness, appreciation and respect for the ways people in all cultures express themselves through dance, music, crafts and clothing.”

Residency Objectives:
To introduce dance as a joyful, non-competitive, easily accessible means of personal expression, social interaction and universal communication. Through Dance, to foster self-confidence, cooperation, coordination, grace and interest in diverse cultures, rhythms, music.

Staff and Community Offerings:
Advance introductory packet and follow-up packet. Community and teacher in-service folk dance. How to create an International/Multi-cultural Festival workshop.

Facilities and Supplies:
Large open space, reliable audiocassette/CD player, large world map or globe, slide projector (if relevant).

Material Costs:
No additional costs.

Connection to other Subjects:
Math, English, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Music.

  • CLIENT K-12 / Adult
  • WE DID International Folk Dance / Cultural Diversity
  • PARTNERS Astoria
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