June Reynolds

I started writing for newspapers as a teenager. I learned how to write concisely, and yet used my words to spark interest in my report. I also learned observation skills to paint a picture of what could be mundane. These things are vital when writing nonfiction and historical novels. Writing is a journey and I intend on taking my students on that journey.

Residency Objectives:
Students will take a raw historic event or family incident and spin it into a story or even a re-enactment in which the event will come alive with sights, sounds, movement, and an unforgettable story.  The object is the get the students writing and reading/acting the historic event.

June can offer a writing program for younger students (through 4th grade)  in which puppets are incorporated into the class. She could do “emo” puppets which are made out of paper plates and demonstrate emotions. Emotion is a big element in writing that is often missed. Other puppets that could be made would be basic stick animal puppets which could tell many stories. This would work well for a folklore unit in which students study some stories, then make the puppets, write the script and perform the story. Another folklore project is the tall tale totems, made of three pieces of paper, taped together. She will help the students create standard characters, new characters, and even a combination of characters. From there June will help students write stories.

Staff and Community Offerings:
There are many learning and acting games which could be used by the teacher or leader to introduce the lesson: “Hit that Oregon Trail, “Mt. Men v.s. Pioneers” or “Oh Deer.” Examples of writing could be provided for various skills.

Facilities and Supplies:
A classroom, and stage area would be needed. A computer lab would be great for research and writing. Power point equipment would be nice, but I do have that equipment, except for a screen. Possible costumes or props. (I could provide some.)

Material Costs:
Approximately $40 for a class size of 25 for basic supplies.

Connection to other Subjects:
Connecting to writing and history. It would fulfill speaking standards and writing standards. Students could do the same thing for science with “Amazing Science Discoveries” or “Major Mathematicians.”

  • CLIENT Grades 4-12 / Adult
  • WE DID Creative Writing / Historical Writing
  • PARTNERS Sherwood
  • TAGS