Kay Braden

“I am always fascinated with the possibilities in movement and the individual uniqueness of the moving body. I am drawn to the expressive potential inherent in motion. A professional dancer, a child in play – the common goal is the inner self, and the enrichment of he physical/emotional ability to feel confidence, excellence and joy.”

Kay is a freelance teacher and choreographer (MFA Modern Dance). She has taught throughout the United States and currently lives in Boise, ID. She has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Idaho Commission on the Arts, and the Texas Commission for the Arts. Kay is on the roster for the Idaho Commission on the Arts for their Arts in Education Program. She has recently joined ArtsEast. She has independently produced her own work as well as designed numerous workshops on all aspects of dance. She has taught all ages and levels of experience.

Her residencies are designed to work with teachers and their classroom agenda, as well as to expose students to dance as an art form and the creative process within.

Residency Objectives:
To teach fundamentals of dance/creative movement. To provide a grid for self-awareness, physical expression, and creative challenges through the exploration of space, time, rhythm, dynamics, line and design.

Staff and Community Offerings:
Community and teacher in-service demonstration of the dance process.

Facilities and Supplies:
Open space, functioning CD player.

Material Costs:

Connection to other Subjects:
Math, English, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Art, and Music.

  • CLIENT K-12 / Adult
  • WE DID Creative Movement
  • PARTNERS Ontario
  • TAGS