Nancy Attebury

I began writing creatively when I was in grade school. I now have a Master of Arts degree in Children’s Literature and have 16 published books, including ‘Twas the Night Before Round-Up and Out and About at the United States Mint. I have taught writing workshops for all grades K through high school. I also produce visual art and I am a past elementary teacher and special ed preschool teacher. I am very flexible and readily adapt to using writing methods that work best for students.

Residency Objectives:
Students will create non-fiction stories, fictional tales, poems, and word plays. They will do so as a group or individually depending on ability. New this year: Students will create illustrations for their work using print making methods. Students will understand that they possess the ability to write well and that they have something worth sharing. They will use their creative imaginations to invent and complete three to five written pieces to present to the class. They will have FUN.

Staff and Community Offerings:
I can offer a staff workshop with handouts about writing with students after my residency. I can also offer readings of my work at school or in the community. I would be happy to organize a time for students to present their completed work.

Facilities and Supplies:
I can work in classrooms or school libraries depending on convenience for the school. Writing paper and pencils for students, an overhead projector or document reader, scrap cardboard, white glue in bottles not sticks, and tempera paint for print making.

Material Costs:
$1-3 per student.

Connection to other Subjects:
In addition to literature and English, I have students create writing that includes nature and science, music through rhythm and beat, history by drawing on subjects from the past, and art with illustrations.