Nancy Coffelt

I began as a fine artist (still am) and fell in love with the picture-book genre in the late 1980s. I continue to love picture-books but also write nonfiction, comics, YA novels and middle grade novels. I work hard to submit regularly for publication so I can earn an income from doing what I love. I have structured my whole adult financial life to support my writing “habit” as in “living small”.

Residency Description and Objectives:
Beginning students will understand the basic elements of story writing such as beginning, middle and end, character development, world building, conflict and conflict resolution as well as dialogue, action and reaction. Basic art skills will be taught that reinforce the stories, stressing pacing and personal expression. Older students will build on these skills and will employ theme as well as a more complicated story structure including subplots. This activity can be based on memoir or nonfiction subjects students have been studying in the classroom.

Staff and Community Offerings:
I always love getting together with teachers and parents in a “how to draw” hourlong workshop. Many adults are art phobic and aren’t comfortable working with kids as far as expressing themselves though art. In one hour adults will master the skills to draw at least 4 different animals using shapes and “what they already know” as a guide. This is also an exercise in problem solving. I can also can offer Family write nights and family art nights.

Facilities and Supplies:
Describe what facilities and supplies are needed for your residency.Approximate cost is $5 per student per project at the most, as supplies are printer paper, pencils and Sharpies.

Connections to other subjects:
The graphic novel form (as well as story) can be used to connect to science (describing an observational process or using sciences facts in a fictional narrative). It can be used to express math problems, or scenes from history as well as straight out creative writing. I am very comfortable tailoring workshops to teachers’ specific wants and needs.

  • CLIENT K-12 / Adult
  • WE DID Illustrated Story
  • PARTNERS Baker City
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