Paul Hoelscher

Paul is having experiences now as a professional and teaching artist that are more inspiring than he had ever considered. He has been able to share art-making with preschoolers and retirees and many ages in between and with very different experience levels. He is wonderfully excited at the quality and variety of the creative energy in every individual once they become comfortable enough to begin expressing their ideas. Paul believes that when we create earnestly, success and growing experiences are the only results and therefore all our art should be celebrated throughout its process and in its outcome. Paul earned a bachelors degree in art from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. He lives in Baker City and teaches drawing and painting through the Crossroads Art Center and private consultation. Paul’s art has won awards regionally, been published nationally, and can be seen in galleries in Eastern Oregon as well as in Portland and Boise.

Residency Objectives:
To gain experience with watercolor and other media together. To encourage self confidence and creative thought and expression.

Staff and Community Offerings:
Hands-on workshops and teacher in-services

Facilities and Supplies:
Studio space, classroom, or pushcart. Sink, water, and soap should be available. Watercolor sets, brushes, watercolor paper, construction paper, chalk pastels, charcoal and masking tape. Litho pencils and white gouache or conte` for high school students.

Material Costs:
$2-3 for supplies listed above

Connection to other Subjects:
Earth Science by noticing and portraying ecosystems Social Studies for the opportunities to be supportive of each other.