William Walther

William Walther has been a professional artist for more than 30 plus years. He has developed special techniques using Styrofoam and paper mache’, enhancing the ability of every child to be successful. William has lectured and taught puppetry and sculpture in many northwest universities and colleges. William has an excellent handle on the dynamics of a classroom, the need for rules, order and consistency. Many teachers use his technique after his visit is over. William is unique in his ability to work with kindergarten through adults, changing his approach and art form by age and ability of his students.

Residency Objectives:
Students will improve their drawing, design and painting skills. Students become comfortable with artistic vocabulary. Students learn to express their opinions about art. Students become familiar with art history. Students use decision-making and concentration. Students raise their self-esteem by being successful in art making. Students learn about aesthetics and art criticism. Students experience a variety of art media. This residency is designed to support Arts Standards.In the residency students will create quality puppets based on legends, fairy tales, animals, or whatever your classroom is currently studying. The Styrofoam balls and Styrofoam meat trays will shape the puppet characteristics. Paper mache’ will be added-a virtually mess less paper mache’ (really!). The puppetry residency takes a minimum of 3 one hour sessions. This residency has appeal for all ages. To have each student design, construct, and finish an art form.

Staff and Community Offerings:
William offers an evening 2 hour workshop for the community or in-service for teachers creating a sculpture or puppet. William also offers a 45-minute evening presentation or school assembly showing puppets from around the world, including a 100-year-old puppet from China and shadow puppets from Indonesia.

Facilities & Supplies:
Facility should have a sink with a functional water system or cart to haul water from room to room.

Material Costs:
$.65-1.00 Depending on the donation of fabric and materials.

Connection to other Subjects:
Math, Science, Theater