Artist Collaborators Membership

From: $65.00 / year

This membership is for working artist. It combines all of the Household Member benefits and Artist Member benefits for up to two people.

  • 10% off Gift Gallery purchases
  • 20% Discount on classes 
  • 15% discount on The Crafter’s Box purchases
  • 30% commission taken on sales of items rather than 35%.
  • Artist names & website links on ACE’s Membership page 
  • Discounted Studio Time
  • ACE Newsletters & Regional Call to Artists
  • Annual Limited Edition Membership Print (Valued at $50) – A new print is released each year. Members may choose the print from the current year or a print from any previous year that remains in stock. Membership holders have 365 days from the date of their membership purchase to collect their limited edition print.
  • If you select an Auto-Renewing Membership,  you will be eligible for a new Membership Print at each auto-renewal. When automatic renewals occur, please contact ACE to update your print selection for that year!

Member support is essential to the long-term sustainability of Art Center East. Our members create a vibrant community around the arts while helping to fund our diverse year-round programming. Becoming an Art Center East member shows your dedication to keeping the arts alive and thriving in Northeast Oregon.

Under Membership Type, please choose:

  • 1 Year Membership: expires after 365 days
  • Auto-Renewing “Subscription” Membership: automatically renews every 365 days
Serenity by Koedi Birmingham, 2023 $0.00 Connected by Sophia Aimone, 2022 $0.00 Family Values by Trevor Durr, 2021 $0.00 Motherland by Haley White, 2019 $0.00 Avant Gardener by Genevieve Gaudreau, 2016 $0.00 Permitted to See by Joshua McDonald, 2015 $0.00 Hi. by James Long, 2014 $0.00 Declined Membership Print $0.00

This membership tier benefits up to two adults and all dependents. Please list all dependents’ first and last names and ages. This allows Art Center East to know that your dependents are ACE members when they register for classes.

ACE’s five core programs are Youth and Adult arts education, art galleries, artists in rural schools, community music, and economic development for artists.