Little Pinecone Kit #4

(Age 6+). Youth Kits list value, and you may donate the suggested amount or select the kit for free.

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What’s inside:

  • Beeswax Honeycomb Candle Kit: Sweet-smelling all-natural beeswax candles are easy to make and require no melted wax or special molds. Our kit contains everything you will need to make seven 4″ candles.  You’ll love their bright, steady flame, especially when gracing the top of a special birthday cake! Burn time: approximately 1.5 hours. Made in the USA
  • Paper Magic Kit: Transform flat sheets of paper into animal kingdom favorites with simple folding techniques! 36 Eco-friendly printed papers and complete instructions included. Made in USA
  • Eugy miniatures are cute cardboard creatures beloved by kids and parents alike! Designed in New Zealand and made from eco-friendly recycled cardboard and rice-based inks, Eugys are easy to assemble and fun to build. Put them together using the included instructions and nontoxic glue, and collect the whole series of dinosaurs and animals (real and imaginary). 
  • Wildflower Seeds: The wildflower species included in this grow kit are specifically selected to support, sustain, and delight the pollinators in your yard, garden, and community! This kit includes detailed growing tips, flower descriptions, and enough seed to plant a beautiful habitat for a wide variety of flashy pollinators! Made in USA