Shapescapes Sculpture in a Box


(Age 6+)

Created by Los Angeles sculptor Peter Mayor, Shapescapes Sculpture in a Box is a beautifully simple toy that has been designed to stimulate innovative play and increase children’s spatial skills and color awareness.

Inspired by the works of Joan Miró and Alexander Calder, each Shapescapes set contains a range of pieces in colorful, whimsical shapes, so kids can build an infinite variety of vibrantly colored structures. Once complete, they can be displayed as a sculpture, wall hanging, or mobile. There are no buttons to push and no batteries are required. 

All that is needed to “operate” Shapescapes are your hands and your imagination. Shapescapes Sculpture in a Box is a Parents Choice recommended, NAPPA Gold Award-winning sculptural building set. Each set contains an average of 94 pieces.

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Artist: Peter Mayor