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Member support is essential to the long-term sustainability of Art Center East. Our members create a vibrant community around the arts while helping to fund our diverse year-round programming. Becoming an Art Center East member shows your dedication to keeping the arts alive and thriving in Northeast Oregon.

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Serenity by Koedi Birmingham, 2023 $0.00 Connected by Sophia Aimone, 2022 $0.00 Emily Moon by Meredith Matthews, 2021 $0.00 Family Values by Trevor Durr, 2021 $0.00 Motherland by Haley White, 2019 $0.00 Avant Gardener by Genevieve Gaudreau, 2016 $0.00 Permitted to See by Joshua McDonald, 2015 $0.00 Hi. by James Long, 2014 $0.00 No Thanks $0.00

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