Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The Art Center East Gift Gallery is located at 1006 Penn Avenue, La Grande. Hours: Monday through Friday 10-4, Saturday 12-4.

ACE Gift Gallery seeks tasteful art representing the local community. Jurying artwork supports the store’s goal to find unique, one of a kind or limited production work crafted with technical capability and skill, having broad retail appeal. We are looking for good values for customers with an inventory target of 40% at $50 or less, 40% between $51 and $100, and the remaining 20% $100 and above.

To be considered for the ACE Gift Gallery send a description of your product(s) and at least three images to Once accepted, we will schedule a drop off appointment.

Once your artwork is accepted into the ACE Gift Gallery, you will be asked to sign a consignment agreement and complete a W9 form. Inventory sheets will be emailed to you.  It is your responsibility to complete the Inventory Sheet allowing one line for each item or group of items. On your delivery appointment, you will need to bring the completed Inventory Sheet, each piece labeled with an inventory number and the price. If you have multiple items of one piece, you do not need to give each piece an individual item number. The ACE Gift Gallery has limited storage, so please check with us before bringing in new stock.

In order to promote you as an artist to our customers we will need:

  • Images and a written description of your work to promote you in publicity and on our website, which will feature a rotating selection of gift shop artists.
  • Tell us about your technique(s) and you as an artist for in-house signage and handouts to customers.
  • We will contact artists individually when inventory is running low. While we encourage updating your stock, it is important to schedule a drop off time for us to review and check in any new work.
  • Center East keeps a 30% commission on all sold work. Checks and a statement of sales will be mailed the first week of the month for sales made the preceding month.
  • Art Center East does offer a 90-day layaway payment plan. The artist will receive their entire 60% Commission after the customer has paid off and picked up their purchase.

We look forward to seeing your artworks and in turn facilitating the growth of the arts economy in Eastern Oregon.