Photography by: River & Wave

Darcy Dolge

Executive Director

[email protected]

Darcy serves as Art Center East’s Executive Director. She oversees program development and delivery, financial management, administration and human resources, and conservation of the organization’s artistic spaces in its historic 1913 building. She also takes charge of community relations, initiating and fostering strong relationships within the community on the local, regional, and statewide levels.


Darcy is also a local small-business owner. Blackberry Moon Creations and Wellness Services is a practice that includes sound and crystal therapy; Darcy also handcrafts ceremonial drums (integrating her Scandinavian heritage) as part of her focus on wellness. Learn more about her business and artwork at

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Photography by: River & Wave

Jennifer Durr

Gallery Director

[email protected]


Jennifer serves as Art Center East’s Gallery Director. She oversees the fundamental workings of the Gallery Program -- this includes exhibits, marketing and design, exhibiting artist recruitment, and artist relations for the Main Gallery, Orlaske Gallery, Gift Gallery, and Online Gallery. She also takes charge of ACE's annual Handmade Holidays Makers Market.


Jennifer is also a local creative who impacts the community through her specialties in clay, acrylic, and upcycled materials. Learn more about her individual work at


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Photography by: River & Wave

Moira Madden

Outreach Director

[email protected]


Moira serves as Art Center East’s Outreach Director. She oversees the Community Music Program, which includes private music lessons as well as community ensembles, and the Artists in Rural Schools Program that brings arts opportunities to K-12 students across Eastern Oregon. She also edits content for Art Center East’s marketing and fundraising materials.


Moira is a lifelong lover of the performing arts and enjoys playing piano, singing in the local community choir, and taking ballet lessons. She is also an amateur performer in regional theatre and musical theatre productions. She credits her La Grande piano, choral, and ballet teachers with inspiring her passion for and joy in the performing arts from a very young age.


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Photography by: Jennifer Durr

Penny Devlin

Program Support

[email protected]




Penny is a local creator who impacts the community through her specialties in water color, acrylic, mixed media, and photography. Learn more about her individual work at @rock_your_dash on Instagram. Penny also holds an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Writer's Village University.


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Photography by: Claire Hanson

Claire Hanson

Gallery assistant

[email protected]

Claire serves as one of Art Center East’s Gallery Assistants. She supports the essential workings of the ACE's Gallery Program, assisting with installation and maintenance of gallery spaces, and enthusiastically welcoming community members to these spaces, offering information about exhibits, artists, and other Art Center East offerings.


Claire also works at La Grande's Cook Memorial Library. She is excited to connect her passion for writing, literature, and poetry with her appreciation for other forms of art and creativity. After spending many years working in trail maintenance and environmental restoration, she brings her love for the outdoors to her efforts dabbling in drawing and painting.


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