ACE Artisan Pop-up Details

Screening & Selection

Art Center East is looking for artisans 18+ years old (under 18 years of age, a guardian must complete application and be present for ACE Pop-Up Event) whose goods exhibit originality, craftsmanship, imaginative use of materials, and aesthetic quality. A screening committee will assess the application materials you provide based on these criteria. Categories such as jewelry that have several applicants will be more competitive than those in which there are no similar applicants. This keeps the artisan mix diverse and engaging to new and existing customers.

No agenda-driven merchandise or signage is allowed (i.e. no political, race discrimination or drug paraphernalia merchandise of any kind).

Note: If applying as a group of artisans for one shared pop-up space, each person must apply individually and clarify that they are a part of said group. Although the group is proposing to share a pop-up space, each artisan will be juried separately and it may be that not all applicants are accepted.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. The screening committee’s decisions are final.

Art Center East: 1006 Penn Avenue, La Grande, Oregon 97850
Art Center East Gallery Foyer


Before the event:
Art Center East will provide artisans with digital marketing materials to promote the pop-up event. It’s strongly encouraged that artisans contribute in marketing their participation leading up to the event. ACE may tag artisan social media pages in social marketing posts.
Set-up & during the event:
Pop-ups will be provided one 6ft table with a tablecloth in place and two chairs. No other tables will be allowed. Table-top displays must be provided by the artisan. Electricity and wifi provided.
Pop-ups on Fridays will be required to set up at 5:30 pm. Staff will be in attendance to facilitate building access.
Pop-ups on Saturdays will be required to set up at 9:30 am. Staff will be in attendance to facilitate building access. 
You must accept all of your own payments. Plan to bring sufficient small bills for making change, as banks are closed during Friday & Saturday pop-up events. Free wifi is available to run card swiping apps on your phone or tablet. ACE will not run card payments for you.
Artisans must be present throughout the duration of the pop-up event. This includes those who sell out of their inventory – even if this happens, they must be present until take-down. 
Pop-up participants must stay the duration of the pop-up times listed. All items must be removed the day of the event, no items may be left on-premises. ACE staff may allow overnight storage of items if artisan signs up for consecutive Friday & Saturday pop-up events. 
For grant reporting and in order for any improvements, Art Center East asks all artisans to complete a POP-UP ARTISAN SURVEY at the conclusion of the event. Please leave your survey at the GIFT GALLERY DESK before leaving. 
Upon space inspection after take-down, if property damage is found, the artisan may be invoiced for costs related to repair.
Licenses / Permits:
Food: Edible items must comply with State of Oregon licensing requirements. Processed foods (canned jams, pickles, sauces, honey, etc) may only be sold if produced in a certified kitchen with a valid processing license (see this link).
Producers processing foods they have grown or harvested themselves may not need a processing license but must follow the rules outlined by the Oregon Farm Direct Marketing Law (see this link). All edible items for sale not for immediate consumption must have an adhesive label (not easily removed) with the following: name of the product, ingredient list, your (or your business) name, your address and/or phone number, along with any other information required by any licensing requirements your edible product falls under. Questions about your food product? Contact Union County public health inspector, Ryan Zastrow, at 541-962-8818. Applicants must be able to provide proof of documentation upon request.
Alcohol: The sale of alcoholic beverages requires licenses and permits. Applicants must be able to provide proof of documentation upon request.