Teach at ACE

Art Center East offers around 500 classes a year that bring community, creativity, and a lot of fun into our studios. If you have an artistic skill that you would like to share, we invite you to fill out a class proposal. Take a look at our calendar to get an idea of the types of classes we currently offer.

We are always interested in diversifying our selection - your unique artistic talents and perspective might be just what we're looking for! Our definition of art includes more than just the visual arts: music, dance, cooking, writing, traditional arts (like welding, blacksmithing, knitting, quilting, and basket weaving), healing arts, digital arts, and much more.

Need help developing your idea? Contact  541-624-2800 or [email protected]

Do teaching artists get paid?

Yes! Our standard rate is $5 per student / classroom hour. With a registration minimum of 3 students, you will receive at least $15 per hour of scheduled teaching time.  Our private music teachers set their own rates, and ACE takes a 20% administration fee.