ACE Gift Gallery, Photos by River & Wave

Gift Gallery Artist Information

Which is right for you?


Consignment vs Wholesale (NEW!)



the selling of one's (artist) personal goods through a third party. The third-party (ACE) retains a portion of the sale for facilitating the sale.



the selling of one’s (artist) personal goods in large quantities at lower costs, to be retailed by another (ACE).


Application Deadline:

Applications for the Gift Gallery are accepted year-round.



What to Enter:

ACE is looking for works that exhibit originality, craftsmanship, imaginative use of materials, and aesthetic quality. A gift gallery committee will assess the overall suitability of artwork based on the images submitted. The gift gallery committee’s decisions are final. 

Eligibility Requirements:

Artists 18+ years old may apply to exhibit and sell in the Gift Gallery. Only original art and reproductions of your original art are eligible for display and sale. 


Entry Photos:

All artists must submit high-quality images showcasing each medium of artwork to be sold. Images may be submitted electronically with the online application or printed photographs with the mailed application. Label each image with your name, medium, and estimated dimensions. If you are accepted, Art Center East may use your images in promotional materials.


Selection Process:

Gift Gallery Artists are determined by a Gallery Committee, comprised of artists working in a variety of mediums, art educators, and collectors, in conjunction with the Gallery Director.

Submissions are reviewed from digital images of art and referenced by an accompanying inventory list submitted on this form. Submissions are also evaluated on the artwork description and artist’s statement. The resume helps the committee understand the level of artistic development and commitment of the submitting artist. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

It is expected the work submitted for the Gift Gallery be of the same quality, medium and style as work submitted in the applicationl. Artists are strongly encouraged to keep pricing consistent with current websites and other sale locations.


Art Center East will notify applicants of their acceptance status no later than two weeks after submission.


Artists who are not accepted into the Gift Gallery will have a 1-year interval before another application will be considered. 


What to Expect:

Accepted Applicant E-Paperwork


Upon acceptance:

Artist will complete a Gift Gallery Consignment Contract or Gift Gallery Wholesale Agreement.

Gift Gallery Consignment Artist must obtain at least a Solo Artist Membership upon signing the Consignment Contract.

Artist will complete the Gift Gallery Inventory Sheet.

Artist will schedule artwork drop-off appointment with ACE.

ACE requires W9 form completion before payments can be distributed. 


Commission & Payment: 

ACE retains a commission of 30% for Gift Gallery Consignment Artists. Consignment Artist payments are sent on the seventh day of the following month of the sale via check. 

Gift Gallery Wholesale Artists will receive payment as clarified in the Gift Gallery Wholesale Agreement.