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Prints from Crow's Shadow Press

A collection of recent prints created by Artists-in-Residence at Crow’s Shadow Institute for the Arts.
July 12 - August 31

Free Public Art

Around the Grande Ronde

Available for all!

Featured Program

Storytelling Night

Join the ACE Writing Project for a night of oral storytelling revolving around a set theme. Everyone has their own story and all are invited to share a piece of it with a willing audience. August 28th @ 7 PM

Serving Eastern Oregon

Historically, Art Center East has been the source of information sharing and a resource for fostering the growth of rural arts and cultural organizations in the Grande Ronde. Art Center East provides arts learning opportunities in regional schools through its Artist-in-Residence programs and oversees the Community School for the Arts program, which hosts private music lessons for children and adults, in addition to numerous community music projects.

Mission: Inspire, enrich, and interlace Eastern Oregon communities through creative expression.