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Prints from Crow's Shadow Press

A collection of recent prints created by Artists-in-Residence at Crow’s Shadow Institute for the Arts.
July 12 - August 31

Free Public Art

Around the Grande Ronde

Available for all!

Featured Program

West African Drumming

Experience the joy and passion of West African culture through a vibrant performance filled with drumming, dance, and singing from Guinea, West Africa on July 13 at Max Square.

Serving Eastern Oregon

Historically, Art Center East has been the source of information sharing and a resource for fostering the growth of rural arts and cultural organizations in the Grande Ronde. Art Center East provides arts learning opportunities in regional schools through its Artist-in-Residence programs and oversees the Community School for the Arts program, which hosts private music lessons for children and adults, in addition to numerous community music projects.

Mission: Inspire, enrich, and interlace Eastern Oregon communities through creative expression.