Creative Woodburning Kits (Age 14+ with adult supervision )


Creative Woodburning Kits (Age 14+ with adult supervision )
Learn the art of woodburning with an easy-to-use woodburning pen and universal point that’s perfect for basic techniques. It heats up to 950° and operates with an on/off switch. The tool is reusable, so you can use it again and again to make unique wood crafts. Draw your designs on the provided basswood surfaces. Smooth with an even grain, basswood is an ideal material for woodburning. Kits include patterns and alphabet and number sets that you can trace onto your surface using the transfer paper.
This kit features additional nibs for the woodburning tool, so you can design with greater detail and more directed technique.

What’s inside:
Woodburning pen (UL approved) with stand and universal points/nibs
3 additional points: cone, shading, and flow
2 basswood surfaces
8 patterns; 2 alphabet/number set patterns
6 colored pencils
Transfer paper
Complete instructions

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