Creativity Cans (AGE 3+)


Creativity Cans (AGE 3+)

Encourage classroom creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration with Faber-Castell Creativity Cans. They help build up creative confidence and open the door to imagination and free play.

Creativity Cans are packed with materials to inspire innovation and ideas. The cans contain the same materials, so each student or group begins at the same starting point and ends at a unique destination.

The cans also include a printed Curriculum Connection Lesson Plan for grades K–5. Educators can use the lesson plans to gear the Creativity Can projects toward language arts, math, social studies, science, or social skills. Once everyone is done creating, invite them to share what they’ve made.

Creativity Cans are great for classrooms, school assemblies, family and community events, counseling sessions, and fun creative play. They contain non-toxic materials that are safe for children.

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Cost: $5 | Free or by Donation

Cost: $5, Free or by Donation