Ice Dye Kit – Dye your own item (Age 10+)


Ice Dye Kit – Dye your own item (Age 10+)

The perfectly prepared at-home kit for anyone curious about ice dyeing, but looking to save a few dollars by providing own fabric or clothing. Ice dye kits have enough dye for one garment, with excellently sourced components. Ice dyeing is a high-end version of bottle tie-dye (think summer camp).
What’s inside:
-Dye powder in a convenient shaker
-Soda ash activator
-Rubber bands
-Instructions for ice dyeing
-Instructions for washout
Students provide:
-Tap water
-Ice cubes
-Container to dye in or a rack to dye on
–Fabric or clothing that is 100% made from plant fibers (labeled with examples)

Artist: WAXON Studio
Cost: $24 each
Local pick-up
Local Delivery (La Grande City Limits)

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Oxblood Red, Avocado, Deep Purple, Indigo Blue, Orange, Blue Grey, Cayman Island, Lemon Island