Tie-Dye Vase Kit – Crimson (Age 14+ )


Tie-Dye Vase Kit – Crimson

Create your own watercolor vase using one of our Tie-Dye Kits!
Using ice, we will teach you how to make your own watercolor vase using the tools provided in the kit. It’s a fun afternoon project for the whole family and easy for anyone to learn. The best part is that you get to finish and keep your very own custom creation. All supplies, vase, dye, basket, dye fixers, and safety gloves are included. We even included extra dye and fixers so you can go crazy to make everything you ever wanted with this fun tie-dye technique!
This kit is ideal for beginner-level students. All children should be under direct supervision.

What’s Inside:
+ 1 Maple Vase ( 2″d x 3.75″h)
+ Dye of Your Choice (Crimson or Midnight)
+ Soda Ash Fixer
+ Gloves
+ Small Crate to Dye Your Piece
+ Vial Insert for Vase
+ Sample Square to Test Dye
+ Handwritten instructions + DIY Video
+ Mini Wood Butter

Caution: May irritate eyes or skin. May be harmful if swallowed. Wear protective gloves, clothing, eye protection, and face protection (dust mask) when handling. Thoroughly wash hands, face, and skin after handling. Wash clothing before re-use.

Artist: Melanie Abrantes
Cost: $120
Local or Curbside Pick Up available
Local Delivery (La Grande City Limits)

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ACE Member: $120, ACE Non-Member: $144